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Biosecurity intertwines with numerous government agencies in often opaque processes. The Alliance navigates these complex areas on behalf of all its members - biopharmaceutical companies as well as laboratory and academic partners.

Our Members

Who We Are

The Alliance for Biosecurity is a coalition of biopharmaceutical companies and laboratory/academic partners that promotes a strong public-private partnership to ensure medical countermeasures are available to protect public health and enhance national health security.

What We Do

The Alliance for Biosecurity helps to identify threats facing our nation and provides solutions by building and strengthening the relationship between government the biopharmaceutical industry.

Alliance News

Alliance for Biosecurity Calls on Congress to Prioritize Pandemic Preparedness

Alliance for Biosecurity Opposes Efforts to Expand Intellectual Property Waivers

Alliance for Biosecurity Cautions European Commission on Pharmaceutical Legislation Revisions

Alliance for Biosecurity Advises Congress on Upcoming PAHPA Reauthorization

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